Everybody in the world needs entertainment in their life. More than that people want entertainment at tips of their hands. For that, we have Showbox app. Those who prefer to stay in bed and enjoy the bliss of entertainment should have this app. Showbox is an app in which you can watch any movies or watch any sitcoms with few simple clicks. The biggest advantage of this app is that it is a free app. Showbox Apk 4.82 can be downloaded in any of your devices, whether is it Mac or Android or iOS. Showbox provides you two options. You can watch online or you can even download your favorite movies on the device and watch later. Let us see how we can get this amazing app.

Showbox is dedicated to Android platform and if you wish similar kind of App then Movie Box For iOS is the best replica which you can download for iPads and iPhones. Show Box app has that much capability to stream various type of episodes and movies, cartoons irrespective language and category. As Show box is widely searched and used Movie App and it’s the best and most popular of its kind. The following tutorial will show you how to Download Showbox Apk 4.82 to an Android (phone or tablet) or Android-based device.

How to Download Showbox Apk 4.82 for Android Devices Free:

  1. Go to Settings > Security > Turn on ‘Unknown Sources‘(This step may vary depending on Android version or device but basically you will need to turn on the option that allows you to install non-market apps)
  2. Click on the following link to download the Showbox APK 4.82 file

Showbox Apk 4.82

3. Once the file is finished the download, open the file to install the app.

Showbox Apk 4.82 Features:

  • Stream and download any Movie or TV Series.
  • HD quality.
  • Universal app – phone & tablet layout.
  • Subtitles for Movies and TV Shows!
  • There us no bound to watch movies and TV Shows, serials Showbox app
  • Showbox app has got adorable graphics and simple design
  • Simple and fantastic user navigation everyone can understand easily

Showbox Apk 4.82 Download

  • You can watch all your favorite stuff like movies and TV Shows in high definition quality manner
  • Showbox app has tremendous option to download Movies and TV Shows, you can watch all your downloads in offline mode
  • You can choose and download Movies and TV Shows in a selected manner instantly
  • Showbox apk app user-friendly interface doesn’t have any clumsy option to irritate users
  • Showbox app doesn’t require any sign up to watch your stuff
  • No need of remembering username and password to operate Showbox because it doesn’t ask you any login details
  • An eye watchable design of Showbox app, it can grab every attention
  • Showbox app has different categories you can filter all your favorite stuff and make a list
  • You can choose a quality of video in between 1000dip to 300dip according to your device compatibility
  • You can get various type of entertainment from labels provided by Showbox app, it has four labels you can choose TV Shows from TV
  • Shows category and like that you can get all your stuff
  • You can see all your downloads on download folder which was presented on Showbox app
  • There is  my library option you can choose and select favorite shows and movies add to your library
  • You can share your experience and movies with your friends by WiFi connection

Showbox Apk 4.82 is out now and perfectly working now. But due to huge traffic and user activity, App goes offline. This is a case of server load. As with every bug fix, performance is also increasing, we all will’be seeing the more robust version in upcoming days.

How to Fix Showbox Apk 4.82 Not Working Error?

Showbox App Not Working Error

  • If you’ve been using show box than errors like Showbox not working or Stopped working. Screen freeze with complete blackout is too common and everyone faces these kinds of issues.
  • Users have been enjoying App completely and Errors like “Unfortunately Stopped” and Complete Screen Blackout is too common.
  • And I bet every one of us has faced this kind of trouble. Read simple and only solution to this problem.
  • For the Best experience, If Notification Flashes On Your Screen, Do Update To Latest Version
  • “Unfortunately Show box has Stopped”. For this error, you just need to clear data and cache. Simple thing to do and could be done from setting option.
  • On your Smartphone, Open Setting >> App >> Showbox. Clear cache and Data, after that restart App. That’s it. I think you can manage it easily.
  • If something like Server is Offline flashes on your screen, then wait for the moment when the server comes alive again. This situation is fairly common and is usually due to heavy load on App server.


You have latest Showbox Apk 4.82 version and a quick solution to tackle errors. The download is also a good choice, you’ve got the huge database to select from. We hope this article helped you out.