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It is always a good idea to use a free Jio sim 4G Sim with our 4G Android Smartphone, as using it you can gain, many benefit like you would able to make a call for free, access to the internet for free, etc. It is seen that reliance is providing the Jio 4G Sim for free, where anyone can get it for their device without paying for it.

MyJio app is actually mean for offer code which can truly help you in achieving the Jio SIM for free. Dear readers go through the article to know about the MY Jio APK download, as here I would basically discuss on this particular subject.

Procedure for Reliance MyJio Apk Download for Android Phones:

Reliance MyJio app is available on Google Play Store for the Android device users. You can easily download this app but if you facing problem downloading MyJio app from the Play Store then you can download MyJio Apk file from app hosting sites. So, download this and follow the below procedure to install MyJio apk on your Android device.

  • Firstly go to the security “Settings” of your Android device.
  • So from there permit the external sources app to be installed by turning on “Unknown sources”.
  • As you would turn it on, you can go for the tap Apk file which has been downloaded for the installation of the app.
  • Now click on the downloaded MyJio Apk file and follow the instructions on your screen.

Steps To Generate Jio Bar Code:

  • At the fast point of time go for downloading MyJio app version 3.2.05 Apk file
  • After downloading it, open it and install the particular version of My Jio app on your Android device. Remember to disabled auto updates of your app.
  • Now go for opening the My Jio app and click on the install all option.
  • Now start installing all the Jio apps one after another.
  • Do restart your Android device after the completion of installation.
  • Don’t forget to disabled your data connection or the network of wifi.
  • Now without connecting to the internet open the Jio app where will observe an option ‘’Get Jio SIM.”
  • Enable your mobile data or wifi connection and click on the option’’ Get Jio SIM.”
  • At this region verify your Android mobile number.
  • Now you will receive a Jio Barcode. Take a screen shot of it, print out and visit any of the Reliance Digital which is nearby your home along ID, addresses and other require document.
  • They will avail you with a Jio Sim, so let few days pass where you will receive a message of activation of your MyJio Sim card.
  • So as the SIM card has been activated, now you are able to make voice calls as well as access to the internet for free.

Benefit of using My Jio Sim:

Reliance Telecom has become one of the best platforms to gain benefit for your 4G device since it will allow you to make limitless Voice call for free also SMS as well as limitless access to 4G internets for free. It is totally a free 4G SIM provided by the Reliance store, where one need not require to pay for getting it for their Android device. So is not it a Best platform, to gain benefit for your 4G Android device?

How can you get Reliance Jio 4G SIM?

For getting Jio 4G Sim, you would first require downloading My Jio app where you would be provided exclusive bar code. Including this bar code copy and with some identity proofs you would be eligible to get 4G Jio SIM.

Visit any of the Reliance stores nearby your home carrying an Aadhar card and a photocopy with you. As you step out to the Reliance store carrying this entire requirement for the Jio SIM, you would now be provided an attested form by the staff of the reliance store, where you would need to fill it up for getting the Jio 4G SIM. So go for it.

Price of Jio 4G SIM:

Jio 4G SIM is a free 4G sim provided by the reliance store; this 4G sim enables its users to make a free call where they didn’t require paying for it. ON future it is believed that Jio 4G SIM will be available in affordable price, where any of the Android users can have on their device by paying a little amount for it. So would you like to use Jio 4G SIM for Android device, if you like too then start using it by just going to the Reliance store with your Aadhar card and a photo copy?


So this all about MyJio APK download, Downloading My Jio APK on your Android device you would able to receive the My Jio SIM whereby receiving you can enjoy the best ever abilities within your Smart Android phone. So start downloading it for receiving a Jio SIM, to enjoy the best abilities within your device.

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