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When it comes to betting, there are not enough impressive websites that you will see around so when we discuss about the sports betting applications, there are not too many either but the Bet365 app takes away all our disappointments and proves to be the best among the lot. This android application has a very device-friendly and easy to use interface that can be conveniently used even by the individuals who might be new to sports betting.

The application works true to the reputation of Bet365 website and comes with minimum or virtually no complaints of glitches, website disconnects or any similar problems. The players can enjoy placing their bets on almost anything that they can think of. Besides being highly functional, the application is also completely free.


Benefits of using the Bet365 App for Android Mobiles:

Though the above mentioned features of Bet365 app are enough to prove its superiority, the application has several other benefits that will make it even more irresistible to you.

  • The mobile application offers several betting opportunities so it will be much more fun and convenient for you if you are a regular at betting. We also discussed above that the mobile application features everything available on the main website which means the app user will not miss out on any offers even if they choose to use the mobile app in place of the website.
  • Apart from betting you can also watch live sports and racing events on your mobile itself. This allows you to stay entertained even while you are on run.
  • You can place bets on a number of events like Basketball, Tennis, Football, Virtual sports, US and UK elections and politics and much more than that.
  • The application has a very user-friendly and device-friendly design that is highly responsive and free of any glitches. It works well on all the different devices irrespective of their screen size.

Features of the Bet365 App:

The Bet365 android application is a real boon for all those who regularly place their bets by using Bet365, popularly the best bookmakers around the world. The following features of the application makes it even more interesting:

  1. Streams live sports events:

While it is primarily a betting application, Bet365 Android App has other features to its credit as well. For instance, there are several sports events that are broadcasted live on the application, round the clock and the user can enjoy them right from their smart phones.

  1. Different stats available:

There are different stats available on the Bet365 android application that makes it easy for the players to pick their respective bets and also improve their probabilities of winning.


  1. Has a fully functional cashier:

Another great feature of the application is a fully functional cashier which means the player can deposit and withdraw easily while on the go. This also means there is no requirement to log into the main website or stop the action in between since the application provides the user with all the necessary options they can require. It further becomes easy since the application supports all the standard modes of payment such as credit cards, Neteller, Skrill or even PayPal for that matter for the players from UK.

  1. Live in-play betting:

When it comes to live in-play betting in the game, as a player with Bet365 you will have a complete control as long as the betting remains open.

  1. Various applications for android devices:

Bet365 offers several applications for android devices like bet365 casino app, mobile poker app and financials and these also cover all the features that are available on a desktop. These are especially helpful when the player wants a change in the pace.


Bet365 app is available on most of the mobile devices. The easiest way to check if it is available for your device is to visit their official website and try to install the app. In case your device is not supported by the app, you will receive an error message for the same. You can also download and install the application on as many devices as you wish but always remember to use your credentials while logging in and stay safe.

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