The History of Conklin Roofing Systems (2024)

The History of Conklin Roofing Systems (1)Conklin has been leading the way in acrylic elastomeric roof coatings for over 40+ years. They have decades of experience and innovation that results in roofing systems with unmatched performance. This innovation continues to push Conklin and the entire roofing industry forward by providing products that offer years of performance, protection, and energy savings. You simply won’t find another company with such a rich and diverse history that continues to push the boundaries and excel in everything they do.

Unknown to most people, the Conklin company did not get its start in the roofing industry. In 1927, a man by the name of Harry Conklin began to develop lubrication products. He continued on this route for almost 50 years. It wasn’t until Harry Conklin’s two sons incorporated the business in 1969 that things started to really take off.

7 years later in 1976, the Conklin Research and Development department created something that would change the roofing industry as we know it. Their creation was a unique latex elastomeric technology. One year later a product called Rapid Roof was introduced into the market.

Creating Roofing History

The Rapid Roof product was the first of many innovations for the Conklin company. It was the very first liquid elastomeric roof coating on the market. It pioneered the cool roofs industry with dramatic innovation, and an impressive fluid designed system that was created with energy savings in mind. Conklin was, and always has been, a few steps ahead of the game.

The Innovation Continues One Year Later

The History of Conklin Roofing Systems (2)Conklin continued to produce products that changed the roofing industry. In 1978, Conklin introduced a product called Kwik Kaulk to complement its already successful Rapid Roof system. The innovation lies in the fact that Kwik Kaulk is a sealant compound that remains flexible.

In order to continue on its innovative path, Conklin created a powerful partnership with Trufast Fasteners. Trufast Fasteners helped solidify Conklin’s devotion to innovation and quality customer service.

In 1985, Conklin introduced yet another product that pushed the roofing industry one step further. The product is a primer that is designed to create a strong protective barrier on metal surfaces. The product is called Metal Ready, and it also prohibits rust from forming. It was not long until the roofing industry saw the power of this product along with the others introduced by Conklin over the years.

Conklin Innovates Again in 1986

Rapid Roof proved to be highly successful, but Rapid Roof II was introduced with even more powerful physical properties. Two more great products were introduced in 1986 as well. One was Alumify, an aluminum coating designed to help extend the life of aluminum roofing materials. It offers up another option for contractors working with aluminum roofing materials.

In 1991, Conklin introduced Benchmark and once again raised the bar for elastomeric roof coatings. This new roof technology moves on to protect hundreds of millions of square feet of roofing.

Conklin Changes Hands but Continues to Innovate

The History of Conklin Roofing Systems (3)In 1992, Charles W. Herbster and his wife Judy agreed to purchase the Conklin company from the Conklin family. The company continues on its path of sound business practices, and continues to see excellent growth.

This is the same year Conklin joined forces with BASF spray foam and Atlas boardstock. The three companies became strategic partners. Conklin can now offer great insulation products alongside their popular roofing products.

The Future Continues to Look Bright for Conklin

In 1994, the Rapid Roof system was reformulated again to further solidify its status as one of the best roofing systems on the market. The third generation continues to provide great innovation and value to Conklin customers today.

The History of Conklin Roofing Systems (4)In 2002, Conklin added a new product to its growing roster of innovative building solutions. Wall Kote, a long-lasting exterior coating for vertical walls, joined the Conklin family. It offers a greater mil thickness and greater protection.

Six years later in 2008, Conklin continued to expand by adding even more roofing products to their lineup. Metal Ready Universal, a newer version of Metal Ready Primer, added better adhesion and more anti-corrosion properties.

In 2009, Conklin introduced Equinox. This formula is developed for cooler weather applications and it furthers Conklin’s mission of innovation and energy savings.

Conklin did not slow down. In 2010, Puma XL was introduced to the market with an extended non-prorated warranty of 18 years.

Conklin Changes Roof History Yet Again

The History of Conklin Roofing Systems (5)Once again, Conklin sets the standard for the roofing industry with the Conklin Membrane Coating System. This liquid applied protective coating is designed for aged Modified Bitumen, TPO, PVC, EPDM, and CSPE roofs. This coating extends the life of the existing membrane.

The Last Decade

As Conklin continues to be the leader in roofing technology and innovation, over the last decade they have added more well-tested products to their lineup. In 2017, Conklin expanded their coating products to include a silicone offering. While acrylic coatings do have a number of advantages of silicone, with this new addition Conklin contractors have a coating system that is UV stable. Silicone roofing is the only product on the market that does not break down over time due to UV rays.

Conklin took their innovation one step further. Now that the coatings market was dominated by their trusted products, it was time to expand beyond. Flexion® XL PVC is a single-ply roofing system that combines trusted performance with exceptional versatility. Even under rugged weather conditions, its unique formula keeps facilities fully protected. Quickly following was the Outpost® TPO, another trusted single-ply roofing option that boasts exceptional heat-reflectivity and exceptional energy efficiency. Now, contractors throughout the nation have trusted coatings and single-ply roofing options to provide superior coverage for their facilities.

Conklin started out as a small family business many years ago. Their desire to provide excellent products and push the boundaries has helped them grow into one of the largest companies in the roofing industry. When you use Conklin products, you get their wealth of knowledge and experience on your side.

The 40-plus years of innovation behind Conklin roofing systems make them the best choice for virtually any roofing project.

The History of Conklin Roofing Systems (2024)


The History of Conklin Roofing Systems? ›

Roofing Systems

What is the history of Conklin? ›

The Town of Conklin was established in 1824 from the town of Chenango by Nicholas Conklin (1782–1858). The town exchanged territories with adjacent towns before establishing its modern boundaries. In 1831, part of Conklin was used to form the town of Windsor, but Conklin received territory from Windsor in 1851.

What is the history of Conklin company? ›

In 1927, a man by the name of Harry Conklin began to develop lubrication products. It wasn't until Harry Conklin's two sons incorporated the business in 1969 that things started to really take off. In 1985, Conklin introduced yet another product that pushed the roofing industry one step further.

Is Conklin still in business? ›

Fast forward to today, the Conklin Company still has a successful lubricant division, along with five other product divisions, and thousands of independent distributors throughout the United States.

Who is the founder of Conklin? ›

Bob Conklin, then Owner and Founder of the Conklin Company, requested Charles join the corporate staff and accept the position of National Sales Manager. He traveled the country throughout 1978-79 serving, supporting, and training Distributors coast to coast.

Where does Conklin come from? ›

English (of French origin): Anglicized form of Conquelin, a Norman form of French Conchelin. This is a double diminutive, not found as a surname in France, of Conche, a habitational name from one of the several French places named with Latin concha 'sea shell', usually with reference to a shell-shaped valley.

Is Conklin a good company? ›

Conklin Company has an overall rating of 2.3 out of 5, based on over 33 reviews left anonymously by employees. 34% of employees would recommend working at Conklin Company to a friend and 31% have a positive outlook for the business. This rating has improved by 10% over the last 12 months.

What does the Conklin company sell? ›

At the core of the Conklin opportunity lie our quality products — more than 130 across six major product divisions: Agronomics, Animal Products, Building Products, Health, Home, and Vehicle Products.

How much does Tyler Conklin make? ›

Season History
YearTeamBase Salary
7 more rows

Who is Tyler Conklin engaged to? ›

Scottie Falkenhagen and Tyler Conklin grew up down the street from each other and went to school together from kindergarten on—but it wasn't a pre-K love match. “Although I've known Tyler for most of my life, we didn't make it official until July 17, 2018,” Scottie says.

Who is Kevin Conklin? ›

Kevin Conklin is Commercial Community Regional Director supporting businesses of all sizes. He is a third-generation banker and embraces the spirit of community banking.

Who is Bob Conklin? ›

Robert (Bob) Conklin, Principal, holds a B.S. in Business Administration and Finance. Bob has over 30 years experience working with leases. He is a former board member of the Commercial Association of Realtors Wisconsin and Commercial Investment Real Estate Institute Certified Commercial Investment Member.

Who is the CEO of Conklin Media? ›

Dave Conklin - Conklin Media | LinkedIn.

Is Conklin a Scottish name? ›

The most commonly-observed ancestry found in people with the surname Conklin is British & Irish, which comprises 50.0% of all ancestry found in people with the surname. The next two most common ancestries are French & German (27.6%) and Eastern European (4.7%).

Is Conklin a Dutch name? ›

The Conklin surname may be Irish, German or Dutch depending upon your ancestor's origin.

What is the history of Conklin shows? ›

Conklin Shows was the largest traveling amusem*nt corporation in North America. The 75-year-old company operated traveling carnivals at various summer agricultural shows across North America and is based in Brantford, Ontario, and formerly also in West Palm Beach, Florida.

What is the history of Conklin Alberta? ›

Conklin is a Métis community that was established in 1916 named after a time keeper who was a contractor for the railway, John Conklin. The community historically maintained a large harvesting area, extending north of Fort McMurray, south of Lac La Biche, east to the Saskatchewan border and west to the Athabasca River.

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